Introduction of CyberCrime | How To Prevent Cyber Crime

Introduction of CyberCrime

The internet and smartphones have become an integral part of everyone’s life. As everything has pros and cons, so, the internet and smartphones are also on the same list. The uses of the internet and mobile phones have pushed the world into the obnoxious phase where any carelessness may destroy all the earnings and savings of life.  Digital payments, online transactions and fraudulent mail can thug anyone.  Although, it is understandable in this continuously, steadily and fast-growing economy that no one is going to stop using digital payments Apps.

Recently the Uttar Pradesh Cyber Cell has unearthed a Cyber Fraud consisting of a huge amount of Rs. 3000 Crores which was linked to China. The gang duped the people on the pretext of getting their part-time jobs in prominent firms or doubling the Return on their invested money.

It is generally observed that, despite the growth in digitalization, the people who call themselves “netizens”, themselves lack digital literacy when it comes to securing their digital transactions. On the Other Hand, it is very pervasive that Cyber Criminals are finding, new ways almost every day to cheat the public. It is also understandable that cybercrime has increased due to the growth of netizens in India. But, we cannot restrict people to use the internet and smartphones, though, we can find a way that may secure the use of the internet and smartphones. Nowadays, the internet and social media platforms are highly driven by advertisements which sometimes include fake advertisements. Those Fake Advertisements has always been something lucrative which compels the people to visit fake website or link, which causes real damage whether the people get alarmed directly at the same time or get to know it later on.

According to the report issued by NCRB, in the year 2020, around 50,035 cyber matters were registered in India, if we compare the same with the 2019, there are 11.8% enhancement in crime. In 2020, According to a news report, 4,047 matters were registered for online banking crimes, 1,093 matters were registered for OTP crimes and 1,194 matters were registered for credit card/debit card frauds. However, these calculations were official, which means these figures only relate to cases that were recorded, whereas some people ignore such crimes and never file any complaints.

Cyber Crime:

Any crime which takes place while using the internet or smartphones falls under the category of Cybercrime. Cybercrime is a broad term that is used to define criminal activity in which computers or computer networks are used or targeted as a tool or a place for criminal activity. It is a common term that covers crimes like phishing, Credit card fraud, bank robbery, illegal downloading, industrial espionage, child pornography via chat rooms, scams, cyber terrorism, creation and or distribution of viruses, spam, and so on. Therefore, in the current scenario, it is very important to be aware, cautious, and practically alert for using the computer or computer networks including smartphones which have become an essential part of the life of the general public nowadays. 

Be aware if you are responding to an unknown call:

Everyone should be careful while they are answering any unknown call whether it is a mobile call or a messenger call. For an Instance, a new term i.e., “Sextortion” has come into existence in recent years. Nowadays people are getting offers for online video sex from fake accounts on social media platforms. Even if anyone receives any video call just for 1 second, the culprits morphed their videos and started blackmailing them by saying that they will share the video on the social media platform. Even they will also share morphed videos to the friends of victims. These scared people are then compelled to fulfil the illegal demand of the culprits, and thus became the victims of the Cybercrimes.

The “Sulli Deals” Case:

“Sulli Deals” was an open-source app that contained photographs and personal information of some 100 Muslim women to auction online. An FIR was filed by the Delhi Police with National Commission for Women India taking suo moto cognizance of the matter.

The Bulli Bai App Case:

Similarly, The Bulli Bai App Case was recently highlighted. The Bulli Bai case is related to an online mock auction of Muslim women in India. Photos of prominent Muslim journalists and activists were uploaded on the Bulli Bai app without their permission where they were auctioned virtually. Like Sulli Deals, the app did not actually sell anyone but harassed and humiliated these women. The app has been removed from the Internet platform GitHub, where it was hosted, following outrage over the app

The Law which curbs cybercrimes:

There is not any particular law that specifically deals with Cybercrimes. However, the Indian Penal Code and IT Act are having sufficient penal provisions to punish the culprits which could be considered a means of curbing cybercrime. The Information Technology Act, 2000 grossly covers all the matters related to activities related to computer resources.

The Information Technology Act, 2000 provides legal recognition to the transaction done via electronic exchange of data and other electronic means of communication or electronic commerce transactions.

How to file a cyber crime complaint in India:

The Victim has to suffer a lot due to the lack of information as to how to file a cyber complaint in India and where to file it?  The government is trying hard to establish cyber cells across India. However, some backward district has no cyber cell. But even in those cases in which the district does not have any cyber cell, people must know that a cyber complaint can be filed at any nearest police station. One can also file a cyber complaint online at The Ministry of Home Affairs has also announced a number to file a cyber complaint i.e., 155260, one can also initiate a complaint on any working day from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

The cyber complaint whether online or offline must have all details, and certain documents which are substantial evidence to support a case shall be annexed with the complaint.



 it is important to be self-aware and still, if any unfortunate event happens to any person or any entity then it is very important to report the same as soon as possible.


Dishonour of Cheque (Cheque Bounce), Liability of Drawer, and Jurisdiction of Court under The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881

Analysis of Cyber Crime in India

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