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Q. Dowry case quashing

A. without knowing the facts nothing can be said .

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Q. Stalking by police officials on filing a comllaint of sexual harassment at work place.nw attempts to hitting hv bedn there and also bugging of my house is there.nw where to complaint as by complaining to their seniors is not fruitful .they hv not given any receipt to me and also not taking any action

A. For more details please contact me.

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A. For more details please contact me.

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Q. Ipc 376 354 323 376 reopen case police report f.r [false report]

A. Consultation at free of cost

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Q. A case has been filed against me & my father by my father in law in another state. Can I alone file transfer petition against my father in law? Will my father be also considered as respondent in transfer petition alongwith my father in law in that case? I dont want to involve my father in the case. He lives with me, he wants transfer too, but do not want to be a party in the transfer petition.

A. Hello client as you are saying tht you wish to transpher the case to your state yes it is possible and you can file fir tranaphee by your self

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Q. I Purchased one flat in 2018, and the builder promised me to give possession in 2020 he offered me, but I am not taking it due to covid. I am ready to take control and see if the project is not completed. My flat is ready but out of 2 one lift installed not any amenities will be prepared, not parking is ready the whole project should be pause I see no any labor is there so is this possible that I am quite that project and how please help me right now I pay approx 7 lac interest to bank against that property. That project is under Rera in Jaipur

A. you can book a consultation with me. I will be happy to help.

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Q. Sir, how much the divorce case duration in court.

A. There is no such duration for any case pending in court. It all depends upon the matter and parties who are in that matter as they decide and choose some such things that cannot be sorted out alone by court. If the parties decide to amicably solve the problem then it becomes easy and early disposal of the matter. For more details please contact me.

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Q. cases related to working journalist act

A. Hi Bincy, could you please elaborate on your query for a better understanding and forward solution. Thank You, Swagita

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Q. Briefly, what is the process to get our marriage registered in India under the Special Marriages Act? I am an Indian citizen (Hindu) getting married to an American citizen (Agnostic) in India on the 9th of June, and we both normally live in Australia. As I understand it, one of the requirements under the Special Marriages Act is that at least one of the people getting married is resident in the district the marriage is registered in. Noting that I will be travelling to India for a few days over Easter break (16/17 April), both of us will only return to India to get married on 28 May. We have tickets to return to Australia on 22 June. Additionally, I will be living in Gurgaon while the wedding ceremonies will take place in Agra. Is there any way we can register the marriage in India despite the fact that neither of us will be resident for 30 days? What is the evidence we need for the residency, and is there any way to get the process started early so we meet the requirement?

A. Bridegroom should have completed 21 years and bride should have completed 18 years. Any one of the following places should fall within the jurisdiction of the Registering Officer: Residence of bridegroom or Residence of bride. Proof may Passort or Aadhar of both.

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Q. Hi, We incorporated our Private limited company in Aug 2020 and also registered it for professional tax and paid a tax of Rs 2500 after registration. The company has only two directors as employees and so far, they do not receive any salary. The company has done zero business till now and so the revenue is also zero. We received a notification from Chennai Corporation to pay tax arrears of Rs 7500 for ( Rs 2500 for second quarter 2020-2021, Rs 2500 for first quarter 2021-22 and Rs 2500 for second quarter 2021-22 ). Is it compulsory to pay this tax when the directors receive no salary and company has zero revenue. How can we get exempted from this tax and get back the Rs 2500 paid as tax for the first quarter 2020-21, thanks!

A. what did you pay the initial 2500 for?? On what basis calculation was made?? there should'nt be any tax except and if professional tax on salary of directors but that tax also should be waived off since your revenue is nil. Regards.

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Q. Agricultural land purchased in Chikballapur, in 2012, pending mutation (RTC and Pahni)

A. submit application to Revenue Dept.

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Q. If RWA is not registered, is it valid RWA. If not how it can be abolished

A. Registration of RWA comes under society registration act. And RERa act mandate for three month to form RWA.

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Q. If a man divorce his wife then where his wife and children will stay,,,?

A. The husband cannot divorce the wife without giving any maintainance amount to her for herself and the children. So has to give them some amount or any security for their survival. Do msg for more details.

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Q. Helo Sir/Madam, I have Filed G and WC - Appointment of Guardian, Other in Family Court. under which IA 1 i have asked for Appointment of Guardian, n IA 2 i have asked for Visitation rights under TI. The file first went through Mediatiton process. My wife has agreed for the Visitition Rights in Mediaition. But Guardian she is not ready to give n she is ready to run infront of the Bench or Judge. Now the question is if i make a decree or agreement in the mediation centre for Visitation will the IA 1 and IA 2 both get disposed, or IA 2 i can get decree n IA 1 i can run the case through preceddings. Can i Get IA 2 visitation Right first.

A. Firstly you can't make any agreement related to visitation in the mediation process and second one one parent will get custody and other visitation rights which no one can deny. If a decree is passed then there is no issue to visit the child. Get the decree of visitation allowed from court. For more details please contact me.

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Q. I am dealing in legal section of Kota Postal Division. We had filed a appeal against district consumer forum decision in state consumer forum. We deposited an DD OF AMOUNT 50 PERCENT OF DECISION or 25000 whichever is less. Now appeal Has been decided against our department. Will we get deposit DD amount back or not. What is the process for the same. Kindly guide. Also mention relevant section in support

A. Yes, you will get your DD amount of deposit back. You just have to write a letter requesting to the state consumer forum registry. The relevant application doesn't have any format though.

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Q. Even though I had sufficient balance in my accounts, the bank didn't cleared my cheque. Now the third party had filed a case against me. Can I sue bank for this.

A. When a cheque is dishonoured, the drawee bank immediately issues a 'Cheque Return Memo' to the banker of the payee mentioning the reason for non-payment. The payee's banker then gives the dishonoured cheque and the memo to the payee. If the "Cheque Reture Memo" is issued inspite having balance, You can file a suit either in Civil Court having pecuniary jurisdiction or thorugh a Consumer Court. A person who avails of any service from a bank will fall under the purview of the definition of a 'consumer' under the 1986 Act. As a consequence, it would be open to such a consumer to seek recourse to the remedies provided under the 1986 Act.

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Q. Hello Sir/mam... Maine ek company loan liya tha jiska name hai mpocket......mujhe us se loan liye huye aaj 3 years ho gye....usme only mera addhar card or basic information hai....1 saal tk to main use time to time pay kiiya but pichle lockdown baad se main pay ni kr rha....or sir uski interset rate bhi bhut zyada hai.....ab wo mere contact walo ko phn kr rhe hai or mujhe dhamki de rhe hai case krne ki to sir/mam btao main kya kru.... Mera ammount hai - 10,000rupees/- ab wo use bdhakr 35000 kr diye hai to sir/mam mujhe yeh btao kya mere upr legal case ho skta hai kya.....yaa fir kya kya possibility hai............plz sir/mam reply me ASA

A. Hello sir / madam, Sorry for the delay reply. Please book a consultation for further discussion.

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Q. As per Karnataka state government laws building to be constructed 40m away from centre line of national highway. When we approached NHAI, engineer provided conditional approval for building construction with written statements saying owner doesnt compensation for building demolished during road widening. We started building construction after getting approval from NHAI. Now karnataka high court bench 1 upheld government 40m law, asking local authorities take action. Could you please guide how we can proceed now.

A. Now since the Hon'ble High Court has upheld the Government Circular, you are eligible to claim compensation as per the DLC rate applicable therein. Thanks,

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Q. Q.How can I send eviction notice to brother's troublesome family if property is not yet on my name? I solely purchased a property(2005)owner left me a will. I let my financially weak bachelor brother stay in a room on my house without any rent.He got married, he & his family is forcefully occupying in 1 room of my house and using my electricity,water,bathroom since 15 years.At first i thought of helping them because they were financially weak now they don't want to leave knowing my property is not in my name fully. Will from previous owner is in probate process currently(2021). That will take 1+ years to completely get the property on my name after probate > mutation > registration By that time can i evict them legally through the civil court filling eviction notice ? if not yet registered on my name? Property Docs i have WILL (notarized) Agreement for Transfer of leasehold interest (nota.) Money Receipt Building sanctioned plan by the municipality possessions papers

A. Ofcourse you can evict them.

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Q. How can I get trademark registered for my business name

A. You have to register your business through an advocate for trademark. Do msg for more details.

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