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Q. A cooperative bank chairman resigned before few months. The vice chairman has started to act as an in charge chairman using the board of directors resolution until the new chairman is elected. Question is: (1) Is board resolution making such appointment valid ? (2) What can be the maximum period this ad-hoc appointment continued ?

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Q. Car accident with learns licencse, claim has been denied with the reason that no permanent driver was along with learner license.

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Q. I am senior citizen from Jaipur my a/c has been debit freezed by cyber crime Maharashtra what should be done

A. please contact railway this is not the relevant field you help any legal advise than contact me

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Q. want to get court order for seat enhancement for nursing college and for enrolment of nursing students in RUHS jaipur

A. we can get it done feel free to contact me for detailed discussion

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Q. I have a land in Seraikela Kharsawan District in Jharkhand. I am from tanti caste. I want to sell the land. So according to cnt act to which all caste people I can sell it. Please advise.

A. No cast barrier, you may sell it to person of any cast.

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Q. My parents died in an accident last year. I have 3 siblings. I got married in 1984 when I was 14 years old. As my husband's family are christians, I got converted to Christianity. My parents are Hindus. My parents own 5 acres of agriculture land and 5 residential flats, in which 1 acre of land and 1 flat is ancestor property and remaining all are my fathers' self acquired property. In 2020, my father gave 1 acre land and 1 flat of his self acquired property, to my 2 sisters through registered gift deed. Now the remaining property is (3 acres and 3 flats). My brother, who is Hindu, is claiming that entire property will belong to him as I converted to Christianity, I won't receive any share. 1. Can I claim my share through partition suit? If yes, which act will be applicable, Hindu succession act or Indian succession act? 2. Does my sisters(1 is Hindu and the other is Christian) who already got their share from my father, will again get the share from remaining property?

A. No Answer Yet.

0 Answer   Asked on 11 Jul 2023
Q. Need your help for 406/420 IPC

A. we can get an anticipatory bail regarding that, and after bail, we can work on getting your FIR quashed from the high court of the state in which the FIR against you has been lodged, get in touch with me by booking a consultation for detailed discussion and action on your case

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Q. Am I liable to pay postpaid bill of my deceased grandfather

A. Yes if u huv his property

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Q. All House hold things are taken care by husband (me). Wife files false court cases. As per Lawyer I need to collect how much i invested/spent on wife in last 6 years. Apart from travel bills, wife's personal bills (phone, beauty parlor),gifts ..what other things to show my expenditure on wife. Please help for all possible things which I can collect and show in the court.

A. Sir please let me know what are the sections she imposed on you

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Q. Dowry case quashing

A. Tell me your details

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Q. Stalking by police officials on filing a comllaint of sexual harassment at work place.nw attempts to hitting hv bedn there and also bugging of my house is there.nw where to complaint as by complaining to their seniors is not fruitful .they hv not given any receipt to me and also not taking any action

A. Please arrange to meet with me either at high court or at my chamber to discuss.

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A. Please book an appointment, will discuss.

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Q. Ipc 376 354 323 376 reopen case police report f.r [false report]

A. You can book consultation with me.

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Q. A case has been filed against me & my father by my father in law in another state. Can I alone file transfer petition against my father in law? Will my father be also considered as respondent in transfer petition alongwith my father in law in that case? I dont want to involve my father in the case. He lives with me, he wants transfer too, but do not want to be a party in the transfer petition.

A. Dear Komal, You can book a consultation regarding your case. Regards, Arnab Biswas Advocate

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Q. I Purchased one flat in 2018, and the builder promised me to give possession in 2020 he offered me, but I am not taking it due to covid. I am ready to take control and see if the project is not completed. My flat is ready but out of 2 one lift installed not any amenities will be prepared, not parking is ready the whole project should be pause I see no any labor is there so is this possible that I am quite that project and how please help me right now I pay approx 7 lac interest to bank against that property. That project is under Rera in Jaipur

A. you can book a consultation with me. I will be happy to help.

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Q. Sir, how much the divorce case duration in court.

A. not specific its depend on court and advocate.

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Q. cases related to working journalist act

A. Hi Bincy, could you please elaborate on your query for a better understanding and forward solution. Thank You, Swagita

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Q. Briefly, what is the process to get our marriage registered in India under the Special Marriages Act? I am an Indian citizen (Hindu) getting married to an American citizen (Agnostic) in India on the 9th of June, and we both normally live in Australia. As I understand it, one of the requirements under the Special Marriages Act is that at least one of the people getting married is resident in the district the marriage is registered in. Noting that I will be travelling to India for a few days over Easter break (16/17 April), both of us will only return to India to get married on 28 May. We have tickets to return to Australia on 22 June. Additionally, I will be living in Gurgaon while the wedding ceremonies will take place in Agra. Is there any way we can register the marriage in India despite the fact that neither of us will be resident for 30 days? What is the evidence we need for the residency, and is there any way to get the process started early so we meet the requirement?

A. I understand I'm quite late for reply. Let me know whether your process has completed or not

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Q. Hi, We incorporated our Private limited company in Aug 2020 and also registered it for professional tax and paid a tax of Rs 2500 after registration. The company has only two directors as employees and so far, they do not receive any salary. The company has done zero business till now and so the revenue is also zero. We received a notification from Chennai Corporation to pay tax arrears of Rs 7500 for ( Rs 2500 for second quarter 2020-2021, Rs 2500 for first quarter 2021-22 and Rs 2500 for second quarter 2021-22 ). Is it compulsory to pay this tax when the directors receive no salary and company has zero revenue. How can we get exempted from this tax and get back the Rs 2500 paid as tax for the first quarter 2020-21, thanks!

A. You can book a consultation with me for further detailed discussions.

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Q. Agricultural land purchased in Chikballapur, in 2012, pending mutation (RTC and Pahni)

A. submit application to Revenue Dept.

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