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Q. Agricultural land purchased in Chikballapur, in 2012, pending mutation (RTC and Pahni)

A. Engage a local counsel. In Tehsil

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Q. Q.How can I send eviction notice to brother's troublesome family if property is not yet on my name? I solely purchased a property(2005)owner left me a will. I let my financially weak bachelor brother stay in a room on my house without any rent.He got married, he & his family is forcefully occupying in 1 room of my house and using my electricity,water,bathroom since 15 years.At first i thought of helping them because they were financially weak now they don't want to leave knowing my property is not in my name fully. Will from previous owner is in probate process currently(2021). That will take 1+ years to completely get the property on my name after probate > mutation > registration By that time can i evict them legally through the civil court filling eviction notice ? if not yet registered on my name? Property Docs i have WILL (notarized) Agreement for Transfer of leasehold interest (nota.) Money Receipt Building sanctioned plan by the municipality possessions papers

A. You don't need to send an eviction notice. Eviction notice is for tenants. Since thereisno consideration is involved it falls within the definition of license. Follow the process of ending the license. The best way is to seek advice of a lawyer who will help you with notices and civil suit if required.

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