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Q. All House hold things are taken care by husband (me). Wife files false court cases. As per Lawyer I need to collect how much i invested/spent on wife in last 6 years. Apart from travel bills, wife's personal bills (phone, beauty parlor),gifts ..what other things to show my expenditure on wife. Please help for all possible things which I can collect and show in the court.

A. Sir please let me know what are the sections she imposed on you

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Q. Sir, how much the divorce case duration in court.

A. Depends which process has been opted

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Q. Briefly, what is the process to get our marriage registered in India under the Special Marriages Act? I am an Indian citizen (Hindu) getting married to an American citizen (Agnostic) in India on the 9th of June, and we both normally live in Australia. As I understand it, one of the requirements under the Special Marriages Act is that at least one of the people getting married is resident in the district the marriage is registered in. Noting that I will be travelling to India for a few days over Easter break (16/17 April), both of us will only return to India to get married on 28 May. We have tickets to return to Australia on 22 June. Additionally, I will be living in Gurgaon while the wedding ceremonies will take place in Agra. Is there any way we can register the marriage in India despite the fact that neither of us will be resident for 30 days? What is the evidence we need for the residency, and is there any way to get the process started early so we meet the requirement?

A. I understand I'm quite late for reply. Let me know whether your process has completed or not

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Q. If a man divorce his wife then where his wife and children will stay,,,?

A. Depends upon wife.. Either in her house or parents house

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Q. Helo Sir/Madam, I have Filed G and WC - Appointment of Guardian, Other in Family Court. under which IA 1 i have asked for Appointment of Guardian, n IA 2 i have asked for Visitation rights under TI. The file first went through Mediatiton process. My wife has agreed for the Visitition Rights in Mediaition. But Guardian she is not ready to give n she is ready to run infront of the Bench or Judge. Now the question is if i make a decree or agreement in the mediation centre for Visitation will the IA 1 and IA 2 both get disposed, or IA 2 i can get decree n IA 1 i can run the case through preceddings. Can i Get IA 2 visitation Right first.

A. Both cnt be disposed sir

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Q. my husband is having an affair i want divorce from him

A. Under Section 13(1) of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, Adultery is a ground for divorce in India.

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Q. Marriage Registration and Marriage Certificate in Cuttack, Odisha. How to apply for registration of Marriage and Marriage Certificate in Cuttack, Odisha. What is the procedure for Marriage Registration and Marriage Certificate in Cuttack, Odisha.

A. Documents Required for Marriage Registration: Proof of address Proof of age Affidavits in a prescribed format Individual photographs Certificate from the priest who sanctified the wedding One wedding photo Wedding invitation card copy Certificate of conversion, death certificate or divorce certificate if applicable If applicable, as per the Christian Marriage Act, the reference number, dispatch number and Church Certificate are also required to complete the process Two witnesses who have valid proof of identity and residency Conditions and Eligibility: every marriage can be certified and registered as per: Orissa Special Marriage Rules, 1955. Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 Special Marriage Act, 1954 Christian Marriage Act, 1872 Muslim Marriage Act, 1954 Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936

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