How can I get trademark registered for my business name

First, you should reach out to a TM attorney or TM agent who can do filings on your behalf. authrise him to do filings onyour behalf. 1. file your application with the Controller of Trademarks (of concerned Jurisdiction) 2. Application can be made in your name/company name (Govt. fee vary on individual name/ company name) 3. Decide on your unique brand name and logo, slogan etc. ... 4. Conduct a registry search for similar logos in the same class/ different classes and file your application for TM 5. The registry will scrutinize of your brand name registration application and let you know if there is any objection or similar TM . ... 6. Your agent/ attorney shall call for show cause/ objection hearing if any similar TM or objection found. 6. Lastly, if no objection, Publication in Indian Trade Mark Journals.

You can get it registered in trademark act sir kindly contact for further clarification

Hello! I am extremely sorry for replying so late. In case you haven't found the answer to your question, 1. Go to the website of Indian comptroller General of patent designs and Trademark and search whether " your trademark" is unique or not. 2. If your trademark is unique then fill up the trademark application form and submit documents along with that. 3.filling for brand name After these three steps , your application is scrutinized by the concerned authorities, and if it is successful your trademark will be published in the Indian trade mark journals Last step , after publication if no opposition is raised you will receive trademark registration certificate. Thank you.

It is lengthy process. Details are required.

Through advocate also you can register your trademark

Well ! For that you need apply for registration of your business name fulfilling the prerequisites conditions for application of brand name.

You can go to the site of the Trademark department of Government of India and follow the procedure. The procedure are quite self explanatory. However, it is advised that you consult with an advocate first.

approach a trademark agent and submit the requisite documents and on payment of requisite fee your trademark will be applied for. you shall receive an application number and then the trademark authority will scrutinize your application and after their satisfaction you shall receive your trademark certificate

Respected Sir, Initially you need to get cross-checked that is trademark name search with the business name you need to be get registered, whether the same name is available in the market to avoid further conflict, and then you can approach a IPR attorney to file your application and get trademark registered.

Advocate Akshaya
05 Dec 2021 04:30 PM

Please keep your proof of doing business handy and provide us, we will provide the particulars form to proceed ahead.

It a process , if you want to get it registered please book a consultation. I will help you in this matter.

Call me during business hours.

Its a simple 6 step process , starting from filing of application till the completion of process.

Here are the steps to register your brand - 1. Decide a unique name and logo for your business. 2. You can conduct online research that is controlled by the Indian Controller General of Patent Design & Trademarks. 3. Fill the trademark application by downloading form TM-1 from the controller general website. The form will cost you Rs 3500. 4. You can do e-filing to fill the registration application for the brand name. 5. Once your above application is approved, then your application is scrutinized by the concerning officer to ensure the uniqueness of your brand name. 6. If there is no opposition on your application within 90 days then your brand name and logo is fully published in a reputed Indian Trademark journal. 7. After all these steps you can receive your trademark registration certificate for your business. Thank you Regards, Adv. Megha Sharma

sorry sir I'm not dealing with trademark law. btw you can google it you can apply online for your registration of your trademark.

Yes, you can certainly get a Trademark registered for your Business name but there are certain criterias which are needed to be checked prior to its application. Some basic things like whether it clashes with an already registered name or not, similarity and business type, etc amongst other things. If it clears the list, you can file the Trademark form and send the trademark for filing which is known as Application of Trademark. After which it gets Accepted or Rejected. In case it is Rejected, we can file for an objection against the same. If Accepted you are good to go for using " ™ "

Visit the website. U can do it through your self or by any advisor. Before it througly search out your expected brand name online.

Place of registration???

Registering a trade mark is yourself is very difficult. You should consult a lawyer for the trademark registration rules, drafting of application and attesting the documents.