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Q. The sender is in a dire situation due to their father, Deb Narayan Sharma, selling a property that was passed to them after his mother's death. This has left them homeless and without any means of support. They are in a vulnerable and precarious situation, unsure of where to turn for assistance and support. They are seeking guidance and assistance in navigating this difficult situation and are willing to provide any necessary documentation or information to support their case. They are eagerly awaiting your response and assistance during this challenging time. They are also asking if they can claim shares from his property. The sender has four children, two unmarried brothers and two sisters, and lives in Guwahati, Assam.

A. Dear sir, It is not known in what capacity father sold the property of his mother. The property of Hindu women will be devolved as fallows: ---------------------------------------------------- Section 15 in The Hindu Succession Act, 1956 15. General rules of succession in the case of female Hindus.— (1) The property of a female Hindu dying intestate shall devolve according to the rules set out in section 16,— (a) firstly, upon the sons and daughters (including the children of any pre-deceased son or daughter) and the husband; (b) secondly, upon the heirs of the husband; (c) thirdly, upon the mother and father; (d) fourthly, upon the heirs of the father; and (e) lastly, upon the heirs of the mother.

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Q. My parents died in an accident last year. I have 3 siblings. I got married in 1984 when I was 14 years old. As my husband's family are christians, I got converted to Christianity. My parents are Hindus. My parents own 5 acres of agriculture land and 5 residential flats, in which 1 acre of land and 1 flat is ancestor property and remaining all are my fathers' self acquired property. In 2020, my father gave 1 acre land and 1 flat of his self acquired property, to my 2 sisters through registered gift deed. Now the remaining property is (3 acres and 3 flats). My brother, who is Hindu, is claiming that entire property will belong to him as I converted to Christianity, I won't receive any share. 1. Can I claim my share through partition suit? If yes, which act will be applicable, Hindu succession act or Indian succession act? 2. Does my sisters(1 is Hindu and the other is Christian) who already got their share from my father, will again get the share from remaining property?

A. No Answer Yet.

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Q. I Purchased one flat in 2018, and the builder promised me to give possession in 2020 he offered me, but I am not taking it due to covid. I am ready to take control and see if the project is not completed. My flat is ready but out of 2 one lift installed not any amenities will be prepared, not parking is ready the whole project should be pause I see no any labor is there so is this possible that I am quite that project and how please help me right now I pay approx 7 lac interest to bank against that property. That project is under Rera in Jaipur

A. you can book a consultation with me. I will be happy to help.

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Q. If RWA is not registered, is it valid RWA. If not how it can be abolished

A. Registration of RWA comes under society registration act. And RERa act mandate for three month to form RWA.

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Q. As per Karnataka state government laws building to be constructed 40m away from centre line of national highway. When we approached NHAI, engineer provided conditional approval for building construction with written statements saying owner doesnt compensation for building demolished during road widening. We started building construction after getting approval from NHAI. Now karnataka high court bench 1 upheld government 40m law, asking local authorities take action. Could you please guide how we can proceed now.

A. Now since the Hon'ble High Court has upheld the Government Circular, you are eligible to claim compensation as per the DLC rate applicable therein. Thanks,

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Q. How can I evict brother's troublesome family from my self owned property? I solely purchased a property (2005) owner left me a will. Will in probate process currently(2021).  I let my financially weak bachelor brother stay in a room on my house. He got married and had a child now aged 13.  Now they have turned against my family ..he threatening and claimed half of the plot I owned. Their claims only verbal not legal - just so they have stayed here for 15years and there must been his dad's money in this plot.  Just because I let them stay, do they any legal rights on my property? How far they can go with the false claims? How can I legally evict them, tell me steps ?

A. If it is your self acquired property then, in that case your brother has no right in your property.

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Q. So I purchased a property owner left me a notarized will giving right for transfer, sale, mortgage & her legal  heir (2 sons) have no intention for the property. Her 2 sons are the only witness signed in the will. 1 son died. So my question is can I the sole executor can probate the will with death certificate or I will require witnesses signature ? My worry is can the witness who also the legal heir refuse to be witness or even ask money to testify when probating the will ?

A. No not at all in your case you are the executor of the will since it is left in your name both the legal heir who have signed as witness has nothing to do with the probate of will which is already in your name so you can probate the will with death certificate alone in high court. also witness cannot ask for money to testify thats illegal and would count as crime of money extortion.

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