Advocate Amit Masih
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6 Years
Delhi, Delhi
Civil, Criminal, Family, Legal Documents - Drafting & Vetting, PIL/RTI/NGO
About Advocate Amit Masih

Amit Masih is enrolled as a lawyer in Delhi Bar in 2016 and started practicing because he is first generation lawyer and that's why, day to day improving his practice and polish himself to more shine in legal field. He is passionate about bringing justice to clients and upholding the law of our country. He believes it's important to be fair and unbiased, and he would like to help someone experience that in their case. Being an attorney is more than filing paperwork with the court—it's a chance to represent someone who needs help and he wants to introduce about his strength, One of his biggest strengths is perseverance. He once represented a client who filed a suit against their employer for failing to pay for injuries they sustained while on the job. It was a difficult case to gather evidence since no employees claimed to witness the accident and there was no video footage. After performing some in-depth research and interviewing several employees, he was able to find out that there was a delivery driver present who corroborated his client's story. Thankfully, they were able to settle quickly after that and he does legal research and do drafting legal documents. He has prepared Transfer petition, final arguments, filed many RTI's, replied Legal Notices, Drafted writ petition etc. He appears before District courts, High Courts and Hon'ble Supreme Court of India sometimes to move any application, arguments etc. He worked with Adv. Mr. Manoj V George (Supreme Court of India).

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English, Hindi, Punjabi

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