Advocate Ashiq Mohamed A S
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5 Years
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Civil, Criminal, Family, Consumer, Property
About Advocate Ashiq Mohamed A S

Advocate Ashiq Mohamed A S is a practicing lawyer. He has seen people shedding tears on what they have lost and mourning the rest of their lives in it's remembrance. Helping the needy was something that he always wanted. So he decided either to become a Doctor or a Lawyer. Thus he has chosen Law as he knows she is a jealous mistress who badly requires some keen courtship, and that's how he has decided to grow up with the Laws. Fond of Litigation, which is why he chose Trial Courts as the Platform. Being a practicing lawyer in the field of Civil and Criminal Laws, he had the real opportunities to be a part of human interactions and emotions, which he liked the most. The practice as a Lawyer had transformed him in to a better human being in every aspects. He is privileged enough to say that his alma matter is Government Law College, Thiruvananthapuram, where he got a real lessons of social commitment. Being in the reminiscence of legends like Nani Palkiwala, Ram Jethmalani, Fali Nariman, Harish Salve and others has been a privilege every lawyer possess, so does he. Looking in to the future, hoping he can contribute something to the vast culture of our nation with my selfless commitments and efforts.

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English, Malayalam

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