Advocate Chandan Kumar Choudhary
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14 Years
Ranchi, Jharkhand
Criminal, Family, Taxation, Company - Registration & Compliance, Consumer
About Advocate Chandan Kumar Choudhary

Advocate Chandan Kumar Chaudhary offers following legal solutions - 1. Agreements Designing agreements is important because they must include all required components and safeguard the interests of all parties. My clients are always happy with the outcomes since I help them keep all the required components in their contracts. 2. Anticipatory Bail Helped my clients with cases regarding anticipatory bail filing before the High Court or District Court for non-bailable offenses. 3. Any Legal Notice An expert in drafting all kinds of legal notices required by my client In their legal issues, all my clients were satisfied with my requisite services provided. 4. Appeal Divorce With my immense knowledge of divorce laws, I helped many of my clients who were unhappy with the outcome of their divorces and make appeals to the high court for the cases. 5. Bail From filing an application for bail to granting a bail order from the court, I assisted all my clients to succeed in getting bail release. 6. Builder Delay Fraud Many property buyers? clients came with delay fraud from builders, I helped them to get the compensation delivered in exchange for fake promises done by the builder 7. Business Compliance Experienced corporate compliance lawyer, I helped my clients thru their complicated company's ethics and compliance program. 8. Business Fight clashes between two partners in businesses are very often witnessed, I help my clients by giving advice and guidance to get to a mutual and beneficial decision 9. Child Custody During divorce matters between couples, many parents are concerned about child custody, I gave them resolution and knowledge regarding joint child custody, and help them achieve in the desired resolution 10. Christian Divorce With my deep knowledge of Christian marriage and divorce laws, I assisted my clients from the Christian community with their divorce matters and helped them till the end 11. Corporate Drafting As a corporate lawyer, I ensure that business transactions are legitimate and help clients comply with laws and regulations. It's crucial to draught contracts while conducting business with a corporation. I am knowledgeable about corporate laws and can advise the business on important business matters. 12. Couple Protection Met many newly married couples, who were harassed by people who were not in support. I help them get protection from the police officers by submitting an application to the High Court. 13. Court Marriage With my vast exposure to court marriages, I assisted my clients from all religions with information and necessary requirements regarding court marriages with deep knowledgeable access to marriages law 14. Criminal I have years of practical experience that makes me the best criminal lawyer dealing in nature of serious crimes cases and providing the best service and assistance to my clients 15. Criminal Matter In many criminal cases, unsatisfied clients with the court judgment want to further appeal to the high court with their cases, I help them raise an appeal to the higher court 16. Divorce I handle cases of divorce matters, I have practical experience dealing with these kinds of matters, and delivering the best solution and advice as part of my job, thanks to my amazing knowledge of divorce laws 17. Domestic Violence I met many women clients victims of domestic abuse, I helped them with their cases and teach them about their rights and relevant laws that could help them gain their rights 18. Employment Matter My competence and skills in complying with the labour laws related to employment matters and its incidental areas combined with my experience, help me win cases most of the time. 19. Employment Related I met many clients who were facing employment issues in their company, I draft employment letters and agreements according to the clients? needs. 20. Family As a skilled family lawyer, I handle all types of family-related legal disputes and educate my clients on the best strategies for obtaining justice. 21. GST Registration Many clients with established businesses didn?t know about GST registration and its benefit, I helped make them understand bout the procedure and its importance. 22. High Court In several cases, my clients were not satisfied with the decision made by the lower courts, therefore I helped them appeal those decisions to the top court. 23. Illegal Possession Many clients came to me with their disputes about their property trapped illegally, with my excellent familiarity in the area of the transfer Property act, I helped my client get justice delivered in time

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Bengali, English, Hindi

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