Advocate Dhruv Sharma
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3 Years
South Delhi, Delhi
Criminal, Cyber Crime, IPR, Constitutional, Family
About Advocate Dhruv Sharma

Dhruv Sharma graduated from Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi. He specializes in criminal laws including cyber laws, IT laws, IPR, Family disputes, Arbitration, Environment and constitutional laws. Vetting/ Drafting/ Documentation : - Drafting of Statutory notices, Complaints, Suits based on varied types of facts, Petitions, Written Statements, Affidavit-in-Reply, Affidavit-in-Evidence, Appeals & Miscellaneous proceedings. - Preparing and sending notices to the infringers of trademarks, preparing and filing application for opposition with the Registry, filing an application for registration of trade marks, reply to the objections raised by the Registry. SIGNIFICANT HIGHLIGHTS: - Practicing In the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India & Delhi High Court. - Proficient in scrutinizing, inspecting and guiding in all legal matters with effective communication, leadership & problem solving skills. Representation: - Have experience working along with Advocate of Records and Senior Advocates. - Have represented numerous Social Welfare organizations and legal aid services. - Have also been involved in bringing about legal literacy to the populace. - Demonstrating logical and analytical approach with experience in dealing with complex problems and issues and high-level workloads within strict deadlines. - Have represented clients in the National Greens Tribunal, Consumer Forum, National Commission.

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English, Hindi

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