Advocate Jagat Pati Singh
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8 Years
Bangalore, Karnataka
Civil, Corporate, Property, Consumer, Criminal
About Advocate Jagat Pati Singh

Jagat Pati Singh is an experienced Lawyer and Legal Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in criminal law, Property law, matrimonial disputes, corporate laws, cheque bouncing, Corporate Advice and drafting, Contract drafting, Contract management (which includes contracts drafting, review, redlining, abstraction & summarization), Joint Venture Agreements, variety of Service Agreements, including Master Services Agreements. Consultancy Agreements, Procurement Agreements, IT Agreements. Rent/Lease/Sale Agreements for property. Technical Licensing/Collaboration Agreement, MOU, AOA, Software as a service (saas) agreement, Three party escrow service agreement, Contract change order, Cloud Service Level Agreement, E-commerce Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy, Drafting Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and contracts related to media & entertainment sector etc. He has expertise in the following: - RERA Complaint draft - Due diligence - Tax planning of e-commerce business - Claims handling - Agenda of US S-Corporation Board Meeting - Minutes of Us S-Corporation Board Meeting - Resolution of Us S-Corporation Board Meeting - Convertible Note - Bylaws of a Delaware C-Corporation - Checklist of actions for transfer of ownership (100% stock) of a US company -Minutes of first board meeting as per companies act, 2013 -Board resolution & agenda - Checklist for Indian companies’ compliance requirements and registers to be maintained by companies - Checklists of registrations needed to incorporate and kickstart a US company - Articles of Association and Bylaws of an S-Corporation - Byelaws of an S-Corporation - Articles of organization and operating agreement for LLC - Minutes of US C-corporation board meeting - Resolution of US C-corporation board meeting - Stock certificate - Online Shopping Site Conditions of Use - Subscription Services Agreement - Complaint transmittal cover sheet - E-commerce Return Policy - Application programming interface License Agreement - Complaint transmittal cover sheet - Sensitive Media Policy - Statement of work- Consulting Services Agreement - Terms & Conditions - Privacy Policy - Terms of use

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