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Q. Am I liable to pay postpaid bill of my deceased grandfather

A. Yes if u huv his property

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Q. I am dealing in legal section of Kota Postal Division. We had filed a appeal against district consumer forum decision in state consumer forum. We deposited an DD OF AMOUNT 50 PERCENT OF DECISION or 25000 whichever is less. Now appeal Has been decided against our department. Will we get deposit DD amount back or not. What is the process for the same. Kindly guide. Also mention relevant section in support

A. Yes, you will get your DD amount of deposit back. You just have to write a letter requesting to the state consumer forum registry. The relevant application doesn't have any format though.

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Q. I was offered a term plan by an Indian Bank. The person who contacted me with the requirement that a mandatory health check will be done as a part of the process. He also asked some some income and job-related documents. I did provide the salary slip only. I was informed that this is not sufficient document, they need appointment letter or offer letter. Which I didn't provide. During this period I changed my mind and didn't want to purchase the Term insurance policy offered by the bank. I was under this impression that since my documents are not complete and Bank needs more details, hopefully bank will not issue a policy to me. Later on I came to know that Bank had issued the policy to me without having required documents and also without conducting my health check up. I want to know, that can I take some legal action to cancel this policy issued by the bank? If yes, what should be the procedure,

A. You may issue notice to bank with a copy mark to its head branch office. Further, if its a health policy then you are supposed to intimate the concerned policy regulator also upon the same.

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