I am dealing in legal section of Kota Postal Division. We had filed a appeal against district consumer forum decision in state consumer forum. We deposited an DD OF AMOUNT 50 PERCENT OF DECISION or 25000 whichever is less. Now appeal Has been decided against our department. Will we get deposit DD amount back or not. What is the process for the same. Kindly guide. Also mention relevant section in support

There are various judgments struck down by the Supreme Courts declaring that the court can not give its verdict against the party who has come in appeal.

No, the deposited amount will be used in paying the amount ordered in the decision of the District Forum.

Please contact with a copy of the order of the State Consumer Forum.

Next appeal will be national consumer commission at Delhi.

Deposit amount is not released if the appeal is decided only in cases of settlement the deposit amount can be released

Dear Sir It is written in the order passed by State Commission. usually appellant cannot get back the amount and amount so deposited by appellant is given to other party.

Dear client, I need more facts about the situation. Since you have a specific query, a detailed discussion is necessary in order to provide an effective remedy. You may call me throughKanoongurus for clarification and advice. Plz LIKE in appreciation. Regards, Shubham Popli Advocate

Since I would like to reply your query I want to know what amount is deposited in what manner and under what clause.