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Q. How can I get trademark registered for my business name

A. First, you should reach out to a TM attorney or TM agent who can do filings on your behalf. authrise him to do filings onyour behalf. 1. file your application with the Controller of Trademarks (of concerned Jurisdiction) 2. Application can be made in your name/company name (Govt. fee vary on individual name/ company name) 3. Decide on your unique brand name and logo, slogan etc. ... 4. Conduct a registry search for similar logos in the same class/ different classes and file your application for TM 5. The registry will scrutinize of your brand name registration application and let you know if there is any objection or similar TM . ... 6. Your agent/ attorney shall call for show cause/ objection hearing if any similar TM or objection found. 6. Lastly, if no objection, Publication in Indian Trade Mark Journals.

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