Principle Of Good Faith International Law and Pacta Sunt Servanda

Introduction Every society or civilization, regardless of its population, makes a legal framework (law) under which it functions, utilities, grows, matures, progresses and develops. It is permissive and tolerant in nature as it permits individuals or entities to form legal relations with rights and duties and restrictive in nature as it punishes or penalizes the 

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Per se rule v/s Rule of Reason

What is a Per Se Rule? Firstly, within side the class, after completing the vertical agreements under Section 3(4) of the Competition Act, 2002, Per Se Rule became taught. Per Se Rule is actually whilst one individual on whom are the offences or the allegations which pertain to a particular problem is claimed in the 

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Special Marriage Act

Inter-caste marriages in India : Know Marriage Scheme/Law, Hindu & Special Marriage Act

What is Marriage? Marriage, additionally called a wedlock, is a socially perceived joining between individuals, called companions, that builds up rights and commitments between them, just as among them and their kids, and among them and their parents in law. It is viewed as a social general, however the meaning of marriage changes among societies 

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