my husband is having an affair i want divorce from him

Sure Do u have any evidence regarding his affair?

You need to have substantial evidence to prove your allegations. Mere suspicion won't help. The best way is to consult a lawyer and seek his advice on what are admissible evidence and how to gather them. Once you have a good case, file a divorce on the basis of cruelty.

File an application under sec 13 (1)(i) hindu marriage act for divorce

Go ahead. Infidelity is a ground for divorce.

Where are you from

Yes you can. If you want any financial settlement use Domestic violence Act.

Have you any evidence against him ?

Okay, Its very simple process

Yes you can mam kindly contact for more details

Contact me


Yes we can file a case

You can file a divorce case on ground Adultry, in concern Family Court,

You can file divorce case on available ground of cruelty caused by affair of husband. If required consult with detail.

You can the file divorce on this reason. because this is substantial reason.

Please file a divorce petition before principal Judge through your lawyer.

Family matters are very sensitive as it's not only financial issues need to be settled but Social Respect of both the parties are also as stake. We always suggest go for 3-4 of mediation then take your call what to do or what not to do.

Hello, I do divorce cases. If you haven't contacted any lawyer yet then let me know, I can help you out.

Ya sure you can file a divorce petition

Advocate Rashmi
16 Dec 2021 08:34 PM

File a case under section 13 of Hindu marriage act in your respective district family court