If a man divorce his wife then where his wife and children will stay,,,?

If a man divorce his wife then as per the law section 125 crpc the husband is liable to pay for her wife and his wife so he have to pay the amount so they can maintain themself and the amount is decided by the court as per the income source of husband and the facility they want from his husband

On maintenance or Alimony paid by the Husband/ father.

Under sec 19 of the domestic violence act wife has right to got share house hold

It depends on the age of the children as well as their wish. Also, the reasons for divorce sometimes. Every situation demands different prayers

Under maintenance crpc 125

sir His children may live with his/her mother. if the children below 18 years the husband should maintain the children.

It will depend on the type of petition and the specific facts of the case. Generally the court may grant in favour of wife a sum either lump sum or in monthly instalment for the wife to manage her accommodation and other expenses. Custody of child is a different matter and is adjudicated accordingly depending on financial ability age of child and ability to support child emotionally and otherwise

Hello Its depends on the wish of the wife whether she wants to stay alone with her children or with her parents. The court decides it depending on the circumstances of the matter

Wife would stay separately from husband and if the children are minor i.e., below 18 years of age, the family court would be deciding based on circumstances of the case that to whom the custody of the child should be given.

Child will stay under the custody of mother till the age of 7 years unless proven in court that mother is incapable of holding child custody due to any sufficient reason under the provisions of law. But no law refrains father to meet his child in good faith and his supportive upbringing.

Decided by court

Depends on court

When husband and wife both agree to a divorce, the courts will consider a divorce with mutual consent. For the petition to be accepted, however, the couple should be separated for over a year or two years (as per the relevant act) and be able to prove that they have not been able to live together. Often, even when either husband or wife is reluctant, they still agree to such a divorce because it is relatively inexpensive and not as traumatic as a contested divorce. Matters such as children’s custody, maintenance and property rights could be agreed to mutually.

They can live together if there is a mutual agreement, but it will be mandatory to inform the concerned court.

A shelter will be provided by her husband or in her parental home if she wishes to.

Advocate Aaditya
06 Feb 2022 08:04 PM

Whereever they want. After divorce why should one be worried about them. And question of children will be decided by the court, and they will stay with the one in whose favour court wilo decide the matter. For more queries please book a consultation.

A divorced wife and children are entitled to maintenance and residence and they can claim the same from husband. Husband is legally bound to give maintenance to wife if she does not have independent sufficient income till she gets remarried. Children are entitled to maintenance till they attain majority and become able to maintain themselves. If required consult with detail.

after Divorce his wife can be stay in her father home or rental home because after divorce she will get alimony or grant maintenance by the court .

Wife she will return back to her mother's place And in the case of children First the age of children will be taken into account - if they are minors they will stay along with mother Or If they are majors , it will be their choice che they can stay with the father or even with their mother This totally depends on case to case basis , not all the facts pertaining to the issue will be same in all the aspects

it depends on the basis of divorce means whether divorce is mutual or merits.